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1/4” Hex Quick Change Adapters

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When you insert the tool into the drive channel, the ball moves up the incline, retracting the sleeve and compressing the spring. As the tool reaches the bottom of the drive channel the ball is forced forward into the retaining groove of the tool, securely locking the tool into position.

Stock #40011

3/8” Shank - The standard industrial chuck with a knurled sleeve.

Stock #40012

1/4” Shank - This mini-chuck is smaller for tight spaces. Tools are locked in drive channel with a uniquely formed tempered spring.

Stock #41101

3/8” Shank - The Deluxe model with a molded rubber sleeve for better grip.

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The Snappy Chuck Adapter, including the Snappy Chuck and the Snappy Chuck tooling was designed to save you time. Instantly change between different size drills or from drilling to driving without having to fumble with chuck keys. The Snappy Chuck eliminates drills slipping in the chuck, which could happen in a key type drill chuck. Simply insert the Snappy Chuck Adapter into your cordless or electric drill chuck, tighten the chuck and put away the key.

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