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Drill Charts
Steel Types

for Woods, Metals, and Plastics

We can manufacture Step Drills to your specifications. Six basic styles to choose from are shown below.  Simply fill in the dimensions or specifications for items A through J listed below.  Small quantities are our specialty.  In most cases we can ship within 1 to 2 weeks from the time you place your order with us.  Large quantities can take longer.  Give us a call and let us give you a quote.

High Speed Steel Step Drills work best in high production applications where clean, accurate holes are required in woods, metals and plastics.  Two-piece tools used for combined drilling and countersinking or counterboring can clog with chips.  A Step Drill offers better chip removal as well as longer tool life.

We use standard drills to manufacture Step Drills.  We can cut drills to length, grind one or more pilot diameters, grind reduced shank sizes, grind flats on shanks, change point configurations and thin the web thickness.

We try to avoid pilots that are too small or too long which could cause them to break prematurely.  We also try to avoid cutting off the point end of a standard drill, which can take away from the cutting ability of the drill.  When choosing a drill to use, always pick the shortest one possible for your application.  The pilot length should also be as short as possible to avoid unnecessary breakage and reduce your cost for us to grind the Step Drill.

Style 1

step-drill-chart style 2

Style 2



Countersink diameter

Use the smallest size possible

Recommended minimum is 1/8


Pilot diameter

Use the largest size possible

Recommended minimum is 3/32


Pilot length

Use shortest length possible

Maximum length 4 times pilot diameter


Flute length

Use standard if possible

See drill lengths


Overall length

Use standard if possible


Shank diameter

Use same size as countersink diameter (A) if possible or 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 10mm etc.


Countersink or Counterbore Angle

60 to 179 degree of included angle or 180 degree flat step Counterbore.



Specify type of material to be cut


Length of Shank

Standards: 1/4” = 3/4” long, 3/8” = 1-1/4” long, 1/2” = 1-1/2” long, 10mm =1” w/flat.


Style Number

Choose one of 6 styles on left

Style 3


Style 4


Style 5


We do not manufacture Solid Carbide or Carbide Tipped Step Drills

Our Standard Tolerances

Cutting Diameters

plus .000” to minus .0015”

Shank Diameters

plus .000” to minus .005”

Pilot Lengths

plus 1/32” to minus 1/32”

Shank Lengths

plus 1/16” to minus 1/16”

Overall & Flute Lengths

plus 1/16” to minus 1/16”

Style 6