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W. L. Fuller, Inc. has been manufacturing High Speed Steel Brad Point Drills for over 60 years. We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to custom manufacture the tips of brad point drills to perform exceptionally in all applications (e.g. removing spurs for end grain drilling, elongating the brad point to allow for accurate angle boring, rounding the spurs to create a clean entry hole in softwoods, etc.) at little or even no expense to the customer. Our Brad Point Drills are made from the highest quality tool grade high speed steel available on the market, making them exceptionally long lasting, and maintaining a sharp cutting edge longer than any other Brad Point on the market. All of our Brad Point Drills are finished by hand by experienced American craftsman.

A Brad Point Drill WILL provide the cleanest, straightest, and most accurately sized hole in wood of any reasonably priced tool on the market today. The brad in the center of the point allows accurate positioning when starting a hole even if the hole is not 90 degrees from the surface. The outlining spurs sheer the wood grain and leave a clean edge around the opening of the hole eliminating the need for sanding. The spurs continue to sheer the wood while drilling and produce an accurately sized hole. In most woods, the spurs also help to produce a cleaner edge when drilling through the backside of the wood.

We stock Brad Point Drills in every size including Wire Gauge, Letter Sizes, Metric Sizes and longer or shorter lengths. If there is a need for a size not covered by these, we can take a standard size and grind and/or cut it to a needed special size. We use industrial quality High Speed Steel domestic drills designed to cut metal and rework them to cut wood. The result is a Brad Point Drill made to metalworking tolerances with cutting edges that long outlasts standard woodworking tools.

There are basically two types of brad point designs we use. One works best in hardwoods and the other works best in softwoods. Brad Point Drills that are specifically designed for softwood produce too much heat and are hard to push in hardwoods. Although Brad Point Drills specifically designed to cut hardwood will cut softwood, the aggressive cutting edges have a tendency to lift the weak grains of the softwood resulting in a ragged edge around the opening of the hole. All of the Brad Point Drills we manufacture and show in our catalog are specifically designed for hard wood and work fine for most applications.

Brad Point for Hardwood

Brad Point for Softwood

If Brad Point Drills for softwood are needed, please specify “for softwood” on your order.

The difference between the two types of points is in the design of the outlining spurs. The Brad Point Drills that work best in softwood have rounded spurs, which help to hold the grains of the wood down while sheering them off. There is a certain amount of rubbing that occurs between the outlining spur and the wood before it is cut. The outlining spurs on Brad Point Drills for hardwood come to a sharp point and simply cut the stronger grains off clean. No rubbing occurs and therefore no unnecessary heat is produced by the cutting action.

Another feature of the Brad Point Drill that could affect its cutting ability is the actual brad or pyramid point in the center. Although the sole purpose of the brad is to guide the drill through the material and keep it running straight, the shape of the brad can affect the results. The brad itself does not actually cut the wood. It mainly scrapes and pushes the wood aside. If the base of the brad is too thick or fat, the drill will be much harder to push especially in hardwoods. A brad that is too thin will allow the drill to cut freely but may break off in the process. It is also very important that the brad is exactly centered at the point of the drill. An off center brad can cause a drill to cut larger than it actually measures.

We often vary the length of the brad to achieve different results. A longer brad can be used when a hole needs to be drilled on an angle instead of straight into the wood. Drilling as much as 45 degrees or even 60 degrees from vertical is possible by extending the length of the brad. A shorter than normal brad may be required in the case of a hole that needs to be drilled close to but not through the back of the material.

Brad Point Drills also work well in most plastics, nylon, fiber, fiberglass and many other man made materials. If you have a question about Brad Point Drills, just call and ask a Fuller.

We do not Brad Point drills under 5/64 in diameter (.078)

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