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            Standard Industrial quality High Speed Steel Regular Point drills have a 118 degree included angle point with cutting relief angles suited to cut metal. The 118-degree point is designed to be an all purpose point and will cut most all materials. Standard point drills have two cutting edges and there is a section in the center of the drill point called the chisel edge that does not actually cut, but chisels the material. If the standard drill point is not providing satisfactory results, one of the other types may be necessary. 

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            Some of these standard point drills have a 135 degree Split Point. Split Point drills  are designed to cut metal. The Split Point drill has two additional edges ground into the chisel edge, which make the entire point of the drill one long cutting edge.  This reduces the amount of pressure needed to make the drill cut.  The Split Point is also self centering which means the drill starts cutting exactly where is comes into contact with the material.  These characteristics were designed for drilling in metal but could be beneficial in some harder wood.

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