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Steel Types

We offer a top quality sharpening service for most cutting tools. We use time tested and proven techniques to sharpen all of our tools. Below is a list of tools we can sharpen.

Tools We Cannot Sharpen

Tools We Can Sharpen

* - Sharpened by Hand

- Spear Point Drills
- Spade Bits
- Micro Dial Bits
- Router Bits
- Hole Saws Variable Pitch + Grit Edge
- Insert-able Arbor Drills
- Circular Saws
- Jig Saw Blades
- Reciprocating Saw Blades

All tools we manufacture in house.
Which Includes;
- Type “C” Countersinks
- Type “E” Countersinks
- Type “J” Countersinks
- HSS Countersinks
- Carbide Countersinks
- Taper Point Drills
- Any step drills
- Type “B” Counterbore
- Type “M” Counterbore
- Type “R” Counterbore
- Type “X” Counterbore
- Carbide Counterbore
- Any Plug Cutter
- All Brad Point Drills Up to 1-1/2”
- All Plexi Point Drills

Tools We Distribute.
- Single Flute Countersinks
- Multi Flute Countersinks
- Adjustable Countersinks
- Adjustable Counterbores
- Combination Coutnersinks
      (Center Drills)
- Center Reamers
- All Drills (except those included on
     the cannot sharpen list)
- Metric Boring Bits
- Metric Brads Carbide Tipped
- Half Round Drills
- Drills for Hardened Steel
- Auger Bits ( All Styles)
- Multi Spur Bits
- Forstner Bits
- Self Feed Wood Bits
- 3 Wing Drills
- Adjustable Boring Bits
- Vix bit drills
- Circle Cutters
- Mortising Chisels
- Mortising Drills
- Tenon Cutters
- Self Ejecting Plug Cutters
- Hand Chisels*
- Hole Saws Carbide Tipped

If something you wish to have sharpened does not appear on either one of these lists, feel free to contact us with the type of tool and we will reply promptly.