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             Type "K" Countersinks

     Used to countersink and counterbore for the heads of screws in woods, plastics, and non-ferrous materials.

     Made of Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel and heat-treated for long tool life.

     All Type “K” countersinks are 3” OAL and are designed for deep countersinking.  Can be used with a drill jig bushing.

     Available in both carbon steel and stainless steel. To indicate stainless steel for hard woods, add an “S” to the stock number.

Type “K” Mounted on a Regular Point Drill

Type ‘K’ Countersinks to cut wood and plastics

3” O.A. with 3/8” or 1/2” shanks.
82 degree included angle to cut in wood and plastics.
Stock Numbers
Standard "K" Type"KS" Type for Hardwoods
3/8" Shank1/2" Shank3/8" Shank1/2" Shank
3/8" Cutting Diameter
1/8" K061256 K061258 KS061258 KS061258
9/64" K061406 K061408 KS061406 KS061408
5/32" K061566 K061568 KS061566 KS061568
11/64" K061716 K061718 KS061716 KS061718
3/16" K061876 K061878 KS061876 KS061878
13/64" K062036 K062038 KS062036 KS062038
7/32" K062186 K062188 KS062186 KS062188
7/16" Cutting Diameter
13/64" K072036 K072038 KS072036 KS072038
7/32" K072186 K072188 KS072186 KS072188
9/32" X K072818 KS072816 KS072818
1/2" Cutting Diameter
1/8" K081256 K081258 KS081256 KS081258
9/64" K081406 K081408 KS081406 KS081408
5/32" K081566 K081568 KS081566 KS081568
11/64" K081716 K081718 KS081716 KS081718
3/16" K081876 K081878 KS081876 KS081878
13/64" K082036 K082038 KS082036 KS082038
7/32" K082186 K082188 KS082186 KS082188
1/4" K082506 K082508 KS082506 KS082508
9/32" X K082818 KS082816 KS082818
5/16" X K083128 KS083126 KS083128
5/8" Cutting Diameter
1/4" K102506 K102508 X X
9/32" K102816 K102818 X X
5/16" K103126 K103128 X X
3/4" Cutting Diameter
1/4" K122506 K122508 X X
5/16" K123126 K123128 X X

*Special Sizes - Quotation on Request*

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