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             Type "M" Counterbores

      Designed to cut clean holes in wood and plastic.
Can also be used with stop collars.
Counterbores for the flat under the heads of nails, spikes, and bolts.
Allowing them to be sunk far enough beneath the surface to allow for a wood plug to be used to cover the head.
Can be set at any point on a twist drill and held fast with two hex-socket set screws.
     Designed for clean cutting.
Made of Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel and heat-treated for long tool life.

Type M Counterbores have a 3” overall length and are designed for deep counterboring.
They can also be used with drill jig bushings.
Available in both Carbon Steel and also Stainless Steel for cutting hardwoods indicated by adding “S” to the stock number.

Type “M” Mounted on a Regular Point Drill

Type ‘M’ Counterbores to cut wood and plastics

3” O.A. with 3/8” or 1/2” shank to cut flat bottom hole in wood and plastics.
Stock Numbers
Standard "M" Type"MS" Type for Hardwoods
3/8" Shank1/2" Shank3/8" Shank1/2" Shank
3/8" Cutting Diameter
1/8" M061256 M061258 MS061258 MS061258
9/64" M061406 M061408 MS061406 MS061408
5/32" M061566 M061568 MS061566 MS061568
11/64" M061716 M061718 MS061716 MS061718
3/16" M061876 M061878 MS061876 MS061878
13/64" M062036 M062038 MS062036 MS062038
7/32" M062186 M062188 MS062186 MS062188
7/16" Cutting Diameter
13/64" M072036 M072038 MS072036 MS072038
7/32" M072186 M072188 MS072186 MS072188
9/32" X M072818 MS072816 MS072818
1/2" Cutting Diameter
1/8" M081256 M081258 MS081256 MS081258
9/64" M081406 M081408 MS081406 MS081408
5/32" M081566 M081568 MS081566 MS081568
11/64" M081716 M081718 MS081716 MS081718
3/16" M081876 M081878 MS081876 MS081878
13/64" M082036 M082038 MS082036 MS082038
7/32" M082186 M082188 MS082186 MS082188
1/4" M082506 M082508 MS082506 MS082508
9/32" X M082818 MS082816 MS082818
5/16" X M083128 MS083126 MS083128
5/8" Cutting Diameter
1/4" M102506 M102508 X X
9/32" M102816 M102818 X X
5/16" M103126 M103128 X X
3/4" Cutting Diameter
1/4" M122506 M122508 X X
5/16" M123126 M123128 X X

*Special Sizes - Quotation on Request*

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